If I Did It... Highlight

Eric from Delino forwarded me a .pdf of OJ's aborted "fictional" book about the murder of his wife and her friend. I have to say it is one of the more bizarre documents I've encountered, and its blurring of the line between "truth" and "hypothesis" is comical (it basically involves a blanket statement like, "Okay, now remember this is all hypothetical" and we are expected to keep that in mind for like the next 39 pages!)... That said, the real highlight is this bit, which comes just as OJ and his mysterious friend Charlie arrive at Nicole's Bundy condo, and as OJ is making his way through Nicole's gate:
The buzzer didn't work properly, and the gate opened if you gave it a little push. I must have told her a million times—"Please get the goddamn gate fixed!"—but the woman never listened.

Right, so as OJ is describing the "hypothetical" story of how he killed his ex-wife, he manages to get in one last barb about her failures as a domestic partner, i.e. she didn't fix the broken gate like he told her to, so as a result he was able to break into the yard and murder her! Talk about "I told you so!"

Los frutos de Tabasco

El sábado viajamos a Tabasco. Al terminar Veracruz, al mediodía y estando nublado, pasamos sobre el río Tonala. Inicia Tabasco. Avanzamos por la llanura verde. Palmeras y pasturas verdes, una sola ceiba en el camellón central de la carretera. Cuando empezaba la tarde, pasamos sobre los ríos Samaria y Carrizales, y llegamos a Villahermosa. Comimos con nuestros amigos del viaje.

Ayer domingo estuvimos en el campo, con árboles frutales a nuestro alrededor. Frutas que cambian del verde al amarillo, al rojo, al morado o se mantienen verdes. Todo verde, todo dulce, todo con un sabor delicioso. Los sabores de Tabasco son los de sus frutos.

Two Tickets to Paradise....The Mini Honeymoon

Have you ever seen the show Bridezillas? The show in which several brides-to-be have been depicted on the verge of a virtual breakdown over the miscellaneous details of planning their wedding? Maybe you have experienced this first hand, an engaged couple, perhaps yourself and your fiancee, family members, or friends overwhelmed by the coming union of two lives. Could you ever imagine that this stress, this chaos could be eased with a short vacation? A span of time away from the rigmarole of coordinating one of the most important day's in your life? A 48 hour period designed to reinforce the atmosphere of love and union that is being celebrated between two people?

How you may ask? After all the "planning" part of the wedding is what has created all of this stress in the first place.

Crown Limousine has special packages designed to accommodate two people on a Mini Honeymoon more popularly known as a "Mini-Moon" vacation. A 48 hour getaway in which to escape and relax without the hassle of planning it yourself.

We have several different "Mini-Moon" options based on your liking including Temecula or Santa Barbara wine tour weekend getaways , Las Vegas weekend getaways, or a Spa package getaway at a Los Angeles area luxury hotel . An example of our Catalina Island Getaway package;

Catalina Island "Mini-Moon" Getaway

Round trip transportation provided by Crown Limousine to Downtown/Queen Mary/ Marina Del Rey/ San Pedro departure landings, Round trip transportation for two aboard the Catalina Express or the Island Express Helicopter,

1-2 Night accommodations for two in a romantic island hotel with Champagne and truffles awaiting upon your arrival,

Relaxing in room massage for two by a professional Massage Therapist.

Each of our "Mini-Moon" packages is totally customizable to your taste and includes transportation in one of our luxury L Series town Car Sedans or luxury Limousines. We guarantee upon returning from your trip you will be completely refreshed and ready to tackle any task that comes your way!

Call today to speak with one of our reservation specialists and explore your options! Paradise awaits!

NY Confidential

Anyway, the following tale takes place more than a month ago, towards the end of what was a sweltering early June night in El Barrio...

It was a Sunday night, and having been cheated out of appreciating the glorious penultimate episode of The Sopranos the week before by a laboriously stupid docu-drama about a truly worthy subject, the Wounded Knee Massacre, I was itching for some genuine Italianate slaughter. Alas, due to circumstances, it was not to be.

(It must be noted that as bad as the Wounded Knee show was, it was gloriously consecutive and coherent in comparison to the pretentious and awful John from Cincinnati... Sorry AG)

Turns out L and I ended up inviting two good friends over for drinks which carried past nine, leading me to consign Sopranos watching to OnDemand... I was, in fact, standing with remote in hand considering the merits of picking up mid-episode when we heard four swift, staccato explosions outside.

"That wasn't what I think it was" asked our friend Noah rather quizzically. You see Noah is a graduate student originally from Kansas who currently resides in the (relatively) civilized zone surrounding San Francisco, not a seasoned veteran of the hood like myself... Needless to say, L and I were quick to comfort both of our friends:

"No... Probably just a car backfiring repeatedly..."


"Maybe a plank falling from one of the gentrification construction sites nearby, and setting off some kind of bizarre sequential chain of sound..."

Then there were a fifth and sixth shot, this time seemingly from the other side of the building... Worry set in, and being the "man of the house" I ventured over to our street-side library to take a look outside...

What I saw was exactly what you hope not to see in such a circumstance:

There was a young dark-skinned man, possibly Dominican or Puerto Rican, lying prone and apparently dead out of the closed entrance of the building across the street from our apartment. From the look of things, it seemed he had been shot by someone in the vestibule of the building as he was entering. My first impression was that this guy had been killed by someone who was waiting for him.

I looked over to the left and saw a guy frantically speaking into a cell-phone, saying something like "Yo, we're up here in Spanish Harlem, and (blank) just got shot, yo, they shot him in the head, he's dead." Apparently, he was talking to some kind of boss figure back at home bass, relaying the (insane) bad news...

As I watched, brother with the phone booked it away and may have ducked into the subway which is right nearby. Before five minutes had passed police and ambulances were rolling up. I went back into the other room.

"Well, a guy was murdered outside," I said, trying to appear more worried than I was, strangely.

"Wow..." Noah went into the other room and surveyed the scene. L and our other friend C gradually followed and we all watched silently as police cordoned off the area and collected evidence, etc.

About half and hour later there was a ring of the buzzer...

I went down and told the homicide detectives what I had seen. They were business-like in the way they comported themselves, and to be honest the whole thing was disturbingly similar to an episode of Law&Order...

By the time the interview was over the episode of The Sopranos was long done. I'd exchanged a night of stylized violence for a night of the grizzly real...

To this date, I have seen almost no coverage of this murder, and the search for the gunman is completely cold...

Excellence Deserves Recognition

Too often employee excellence goes unrecognized. At Crown Limousine we value our team members who represent our company with the care and professionalism that help make us the best in the industry. Each month we carefully select our "Chauffeur of the Month". A number of factors are considered in this decision and include improvement, going above and beyond what is expected, and being consistent in providing excellent service among others.

Our Chauffeur for the month of June 2007 is;

Ali Korfi

Congratulations on a job well done Ali!

Our Chauffeurs of the Month for April and May that were not mentioned previously, but are nonetheless as important are:

Anthony Bright - April

Nick Lauless - May

Keep up the good work! We will continue to recognize employee excellence in the months to come!

This Could Be Your Lucky Day!

With 7/7/2007 only a few days away, now is the best time to make your plans for the luckiest day ever! Make the most of a day trip by traveling to one of Southern California's many casinos such as Pechanga, Soboba Casino, San Manuel, or Casino Morongo. All of which are easily accessible
from the greater Los Angeles area.

It isn't too late however, to plan a weekend in Palm Springs relaxing on the green, being pampered at a spa, or just relaxing poolside at your hotel. With Crown Limousines attractive weekend rates you will be more than tempted to beat the heat and retreat in luxury.

For those of you with more time to spend at your leisure, several of the most notable hotels in Las Vegas have recently upgraded and remodeled their poolside and indoor lounges. The Mandalay Bay Hotel has just recently finished it's newest addition Mandalay Bay Beach. Featuring a three story glass-front climate controlled casino, fabulous casual sit down dining , all amidst a beautiful beach with ample room for sun and fun . Set amidst the famous Mandalay Bay Beach, yet seemingly a world away, Moorea Beach Club provides guests 21 and older with an upscale place to indulge. European bathing with a fantastic view of the sand and surf, cushioned chaise lounges, high-energy music and personalized attendants provide an elite day-club environment. Special inset panels on the frosted glass wall overlooking the beach provide screening during daytime hours but, with removal in the evening, unobstructed VIP viewing of the Mandalay Bay Concerts On The Beach.

If you are looking for a spot to relax and enjoy a few drinks with friends, one of my personal favorites is the lobby bar at the Luxor; Aurora. Comfortable lounge and bar seating amongst candlelit tables provides a great, non crowded, and relaxing environment to share a few cocktails. Luxor also features The Luxor Steakhouse with several options to satisfy your palate. It is probably one of the few places in Las Vegas with a more quiet ambiance, and a more casual attire. Not to mention the steaks are wonderful!

Be sure to check out the poolside action at Ceasars Palace where you can find poolside service at it's finest. LA Times recently published an article on the Venus Pool Club;

"A hip poolside environment is available at the Venus Pool Club. Venus incorporates various elements into Caesars' poolside area such as luxurious cabanas, oversized chaise lounges and air-conditioned bars with flat screen TVs.

Venus' environment also features frozen towel service, cooling Evian face spritzers and body massages, as well as a traveling drink cart steered by a bartender who has the ability to create multiple flavors of mojitos and margaritas. High-end food ranging from lobster sandwiches to white ceviche is available and made to order.

Venus sets the pace for aquatic relaxation featuring an "industry" party from noon to 8 p.m. on Mondays with a DJ spinning eclectic sounds and house music."

7/7/07 is also presumed to be the busiest day for tying the knot. If your traveling to a wedding, why not reserve transportation with us and allow you to enjoy yourself instead of having to worry about your transportation details? Let alone having to designate a driver?

With Crown Limousine no matter where you decide to go, we have got you covered. We carry the finest vehicles from luxury L-Series sedans with leather seating, tinted windows, and ice cold air conditioning for parties of up to 4, to our Lincoln, Chrysler, Hummer, and Escalade stretch limousines that provide you with all of the amenities you would expect from only the best, plush comfortable seating, ambient bar lighting and mirrored ceilings,ice cold refreshments, and complimentary liquor provided for those over 21.

You can also make arrangements to be transported in the newest member of our fleet, the Mercedes Limousine Coach. Room enough to stand and mingle in yet all of the luxury of a standard limousine, you cannot go wrong with this gem. Call Crown today to speak with one of our reservations specialists to make your arrangements today!