Ayer se celebró la Fiesta de los Rábanos en el Zócalo de Oaxaca de Juárez. Se le conoce como la Noche de Rábanos, aún cuando la exposición está desde la tarde. Los hortelanos muestran su trabajo creativo. La mayoría son representaciones escultóricas de las tradiciones oaxaqueñas. La de la imagen es sorprendente: El nacimiento de un nuevo ser.


Just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in; the "they" here being those zany and corrupt politicians, of course.

I have been depressed lately. The Obama cabinet picks have been predictably drab, and the lack of new Sarah Palin content has left me feeling like a junkie without a fix. The Turkey Massacre was fun and all, but I need more. So much more.

That said, if there is one thing that always cheers me up, it's a politician caught on a wiretap acting like a svelte hybrid between The Old Testament God, Quentin Tarantino, and Steven Segal. This Blagojevich thing is f'ing priceless in this regard, as has been well-noted.

When a crisis like this breaks, the predictable flood tide of moralizing (led by moralizer in chief Patrick Fitzgerald, how I have missed him) comes out immediately, but it is soon followed by "subtler," more "developed" lines of analysis.

Thus I open up Google Reader to find this story on HP: Blagojevich Described as "Sociopath" in February Magazine Profile. First of all, thank God for LexisNexis, without ye (and Google) what would modern reporting be?

But second of all, a politician a sociopath? No way! Totally unthinkable.

My favorite thing people say about Ted Bundy is when they claim he was a "successful up-and-coming Republican Operative" and then act as if this somehow separates him from the mass of other sociopaths!

I mean seriously, a sociopath is an opportunistic individual, sometimes with obsessive fantasies of domination and control, who exploits others without moral compunction in order to satisfy his whims... And it is a surprise when a politician is profiled as a sociopath?


Salon Radio

I hate how the internet goes to sleep on the weekends, as if such structures as the traditional Judeo-Christian "work week" should have any effect on our 24-7 Multimedia Pundicratic Apparatus!

In that Spirit, I have unearthed a recent interview conducted by our hero, Glenn Greenwald, of noted establishment figure, Bob Woodward.

Check it out:

Glenn Interviews Bob Woodward - Salon Radio with Glenn Greenwald

Just found this

Can't decide if the guy riding is supposed to be Jesus or Jim Caviezel.