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Friends of Dorothy

Dorothy Malone and Tab Hunter in Battle Cry (1955, Warner Bros.)

Dorothy Malone and Rock Hudson in The Tarnished Angels (1958, Universal)

Dorothy Malone and Liberace in Sincerely Yours (1955, Warner Bros.)

Pucker Up

June 1, 1926 - August 5, 1962

June 1, 1934

Birthday kisses all around!

Donde empieza la Sierra Madre del Sur

El valle de Oaxaca termina. Incian los lomeríos. La carretera es sinuosa. La carretera sigue en dirección a la costa del Pacífico. Avanzamos por una brecha hasta que termina cerca de la cañada. Hay que seguir por un sendero en la ladera con pendiente pronunciada. Algunos llanos pequeños están cultivados. Vemos una ladera cuyos árboles fueron talados. Se está iniciando la erosión, sí no se detiene, las consecuencias las pagaremos tod@s. El agua fluye por el arroyo. Los árboles que dejaron caer sus hojas en el otoño e invierno inician a reverdecer. Un muchacho regresa de su labor en el campo con la yunta uncida y llevando el arado. Entre el verdor, una flor anuncia que pronto habrá un fruto.

It's All in the Grooves

Strike a Pose

Blondes have more fun.

But Alive

Lauren Bacall

Anne Baxter

Arlene Dahl

Eleanor Parker

All but one of 'em.

Do Not Fold, Spindle, Mutilate or Mame

Very special THANKS

Danny McBride is married to Gia Ruiz

Danny McBride is married to Gia Ruiz

October 2010 -  Present
'Eastbound and Down' star Danny McBride married his girlfriend Gia Ruiz on October 15, 2010.

Kellie Pickler is married to Kyle Jacobs

Kellie Pickler Kyle Jacobs married
Kellie Pickler
Kyle Jacobs Kellie Pickler married
Kyle Jacobs

Kellie Pickler is married to Kyle Jacobs

January 2011 -  Present
Kellie and Kyle got married in a surprise wedding on New Year's Day 2011 in the Caribbean. They had been dating since 2008 and engaged since June 2010.

Alexis Bledel is dating John Paul

Alexis Bledel is dating John Paul

September 2010 -  Present
Alexis and John started dating in September 2010.

Nikki Sixx dated Denise Richards

Nikki Sixx Denise Richards dating
Nikki Sixx
Denise Richards Nikki Sixx dating
Denise Richards

Nikki Sixx dated Denise Richards

December 2010 -  January 2011
The two have lived near each other in Los Angeles for years, and were first spotted getting cozy at brunch in Calabasas, California. They went on a few dates before calling it quits in early January 2011.

Jim Carrey is dating Anchal Joseph January

Jim Carrey is dating Anchal Joseph

January 2011 -  Present
Jim Carrey was first linked to former 'America's Next Top Model' contestant Anchal Joseph in early 2011, when they were spotted on a date in New York City.

Bryan Adams is dating Alicia Grimaldi

Bryan Adams is dating Alicia Grimaldi

2011 -  Present
In March 2011, rocker Bryan Adams confirmed that he was expecting a child with his personal assistant, Alicia Grimaldi.

Lindsay Price is dating Curtis Stone

Lindsay Price is dating Curtis Stone

2011 -  Present
Lindsay Price Curtis Stone datingCurtis Stone Lindsay Price dating
Lindsay Price is currently romancing handsome Aussie chef Curtis Stone. Hopefully he treats her to plenty of romantic home-cooked meals.

Ciara is dating Amare Stoudemire

Ciara is dating Amare Stoudemire

March 2011 -  Present
Ciara Amare Stoudemire datingAmare Stoudemire Ciara dating
Ciara and New York Knicks star Amare Stoudemire were reportedly getting hot and heavy in March 2011.

Sean Penn is dating Scarlett Johansson

Penn is dating Scarlett Johansson
March 2011 -  Present
Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson dating rumors started in early March 2011, then they slowly started to make their romance public by having romantic dinners in LA, attending a wedding together, and more. However, in true ScarJo style, the couple refuses to talk about their relationship. Actions speak louder than words, anyway.

Flick of The Day: The Day of The Jackal

The relative success or failure of a film today is generally measured, at least by the film industry, in terms of its box office prowess. However, it goes without saying that in the history of cinema, so many of the truly great pieces of art made little or no money for entirely valid reasons. It has often been the case that a perfectly acceptable film has failed to find an audience.Today's flick of the day, The Day of the Jackal is one such film. Based on a best-selling novel and with an expensive location shoot, this political thriller was a failure on its release in 1973.
Set in 1963, Jackal is the story of the attempts of the OAS, a network of French soldiers formed with the intention of killing French President Charles De Gaulle in retaliation for his betrayal of Algeria. After a string of failures and in desperation the OAS decide to hire a foreigner, a contract killer known only as The Jackal. Played with a cool detachment by Edward Fox, chosen as he was a then relative unknown, the film charts his meticulous planning for the main event which climaxes the film. Running concurrently to this is the efforts of the French police to capture the Jackal, led by Inspector Lebel, played by the ever ever wonderful Michael Lonsdale. The film is tense and engrossing and climaxes with a dramatic and surprising ending on the streets of Paris.
Jackal is directed by Fred Zinnemann, perhaps best remembered today for High Noon and From Here to Eternity, the film is a solidly rewarding thriller. The film oozes substance and expense throughout, with a strong supporting cast of British theatricals including a young Derek Jacobi and a host of European location shoots. This would all be for nought were it not for the fact that film is genuinely entertaining with a strong performance from Edward Fox, giving the character an icy self-assuredness. It helps of course that Forsyth's source novel is filled with the kind real world detail and historical events that give this film an air of realism and raise it above the rest of the genre.
Though a box office failure, this is an interesting thriller and well worth a a reappraisal. As with almost all original stories, this was the subject of a remake in 1997 starring of all people Richard Gere and Bruce Willis. Suffice as to say, though only loosely based on the original, it was awful though perhaps worth viewing if only to experience the breathtakingly horrible Irish accent sported by Gere.
In the final reckoning, this is a decent if not spectacular 70's thriller with a strong cast and an engaging tale at least partially drawn from recent French history. If anything, it shows that you cannot judge a book by its cover or a film by its box office takings. Zinnemann would direct two more film's before his death in 1997 while Edward Fox has built a solid career as a TV actor. Well worth a look.

Zoe Kravitz & Michael Fassbender: New York City Stroll!

Zoe Kravitz & Michael Fassbender: New York City Stroll!

Zoe Kravitz & Michael Fassbender: New York City Stroll!
Zoe Kravitz and her boyfriend Michael Fassbender hold hands and go for a walk on Sunday (May 29) in New York City.
The 22-year-old actress and Michael, 34, stopped by a local restaurant to grab some lunch.
Earlier in the week, Zoe and Michael attended the premiere of their new film X-Men: First Class held at the Ziegfeld Theatre.
X-Men: First Class hits theaters this Friday (June 3)!
10+ pictures inside of Zoe Kravitz and Michael Fassbender together in New York City…

Jessica Alba: Having a Baby Girl?

Jessica Alba: Having a Baby Girl?

Jessica Alba: Having a Baby Girl?
Jessica Alba heads out for Sunday brunch at The Harvest with her husband Cash Warren and their adorable daughter Honor on Sunday (May 29) in Brentwood, Calif.
The 30-year-old expectant actress is gearing up to have another baby girl, according to reports.
“They are really thrilled that Honor’s going to have a sister to play with and be close to,” said a source.
Last week, Jess showed off her baby bump in a blue maxi dress while going food shopping.
20+ pictures inside of Jessica Alba going to brunch with the family…

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber with their younger sons, Samuel and Sasha

Naomi Watts: Pantene Celebrity Ambassador!

Naomi Watts: Pantene Celebrity Ambassador!
Naomi Watts and her younger son, Samuel, arrive back at their apartment on Wednesday (May 25) in NYC.
Earlier in the day, the 42-year-old actress went biking with her longtime love, Liev Schreiber, who on Thursday was spotted giving older son, Sasha, a ride on his shoulder.
Naomi was recently named one of Pantene’s new celebrity ambassadors and will be the face of its Flat to Volume collection.
“Since I became a mother, the time I have for myself has shrunk dramatically. Also, I have never been able to do my own hair. So I am thrilled with Pantene because the quality of the products helps me get the volume I want with very little effort at all,” she said in a statement.
10+ pictures inside of Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber out with their boys…